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•   Marie Iasillo (Bellavia) (1963)  2022
•   Mr. Eugene P. Dalton  2006
•   Mr. John L. Wren  2022
•   Mr. Richard F. Tryba  2015
•   Michael Greenspan (1964)  2021
•   Kenneth Kaleta (1964)  2019
•   Diane Bielawa (Kaleta) (1964)  2018
•   Joyce DeStefano (Petramala) (1966)  2022
•   Stephen Danziger (1966)  2022
•   Steven Ehrlich (1965)  2022
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•   Colleen Gavin (Kirkaldy) (1965)  2/4
•   Patricia 'Patt' Gavin (Quinn) (1965)  2/4
•   Susan Kone (Lind) (1967)  2/5
•   Linda Southward (Lowe) (1967)  2/5
•   Christine Szydlik (Jakobsen) (1966)  2/5
•   Candice Anderson (Vainisi) (1966)  2/6
•   Cathy Corl (1965)  2/7
•   Rena Berman (Bobren) (1965)  2/8
•   Jim Ezop (1965)  2/8
•   Carol L LaRocco (1963)  2/9
•   Rita Davis (Davis) (1967)  2/11
•   Barbara Hrabe (Gilfoy) (1961)  2/11
•   Elizabeth Moore (Mackenzie) (1965)  2/11
•   Bette Stolt (McGrath) (1965)  2/11
•   Georgiann Horvath (Santie) (1963)  2/12
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•   Karen Guthrie (Guthrie) (1965)  1/30
•   Lynn Sivertsen (1965)  1/30
•   Emilia Lullo (DeBiase) (1967)  1/16
•   Joseph Palermo (1967)  1/15
•   Kim Marggraf (1966)  1/13
•   Darlene Glickman (Larson) (1967)  1/10
•   Herb Anderson (1965)  1/7
•   Richard Sherlock (1964)  1/6
•   Darlene Kotrba (Christians) (1965)  1/5
•   William Trow (1965)  12/24
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Percentage of Joined Alumni: 33.7%

A:   726   Joined
B:   1428   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


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Your Webmaster is Back!
The Bad News!
Starting immediately Your Website Crew will be
available on a Limited Basis until further notice!

Your Website Crew needs a little more time to recoup and regroup.
If you are having problems logging in, it will be taken care of.
If there is a death, please email us the details. Bill Trow will still be handling the death notices in a a timely manner.
You can still use the Contact Us link to report problems you are having on the site. Your Webmaster will handle all the password, email and profile issues.
Thank You for your patience during our vacay! We Thank You in advance for understanding that we are short staffed and need this short hiatus.
Good thoughts and prayers are needed at this time.
Your Webmaster,
Darlene Kotrba Christians, Jan 65




CLASSES OF 1964 - 1967

This site is free! You will never pay a yearly fee!
Donations are always Welcome!

This is a private and permanent site for all Austin High School Alumni who graduated in the 1960's and/or left Austin before Graduation, finished at another school and/or moved away.

Learn how to join the site by clicking here.

From another class of the '60's not listed or from any other class year, please follow the instructions below to join.
You Are Welcome Here!
Use the Contact Us link with your class year in the subject line.Once we have confirmed you attended Austin, we will add you to the your class database.You will then will recieve an email from the Website Crew inviting you to join.
IMPORTANT: Before joining the site, please click here to read the Membership Disclaimer, the Privacy Policy & the Website Policies page.

Are you a Class Coordinator of a graduating class from the 60's? If you would like information on how your class can be added to the site, please email the Webmaster using Contact Us with 'How can my class be added to the site?' in the subject box. The Webmaster will email you the information.


Your Website Crew Needs Help!

Your website crew needs admins for all the classes of the 60's, especially the classes of 64,65,66 and 67, who helped start this website. We cover all the classes of the 60's, but only have databases for the classes of 64,65,66 and 67. Any other classes that would like to join us need to have 2 admins to enter their classmates names into their own database and pay a fee of $100.

The classes of 64, 65 and 66 paid for our subscription and domain name when we first signed up with Class Creators in Nov 2009. I built the site with the help of CC and Ed Mahony, June 66 and launched it Dec 2009. We added $5 dollars to the ticket price of the Aug 2010 Reunion to help fund the site and all of the members of the Reunion Committe of 2009 donated money to help fund the site for the first year. Ed Mahony stepped up to the plate to help me run the site. It was just the two of us. It wasn't easy. Lots of sleepless nites. We had to get it running so we could have the reunion in 2010. The class of 67 joined us shortly after the reunion with Mary Lou Lynch Vacca, Jan 67 becoming the only admin. Mary Lou was a great help to the Reunion Committee to help find the alumni she had in her own database.

Please if you would like to help us in anyway, please use the 'Contact Us' link and put 'How Can I help?' with your class year in the subject line  of the email, telling me what you can do to help us. I or one of the crew will answer your email in a timely manner.

Thanx in Advance,

Darlene Kotrba Christians, Jan. 65
Your Webmaster
And the Rest of the Crew.


All the content of the site is owned by the Webmaster, Co-Webmaster & the Class Site Administrators. You can NOT copy and paste any content of this website without the permission of the Webmaster and/or Co-Webmaster. Any content reproductions of this website will result in immediate revocation of your priviledges to access the site.

We have had 282,640 visitors to the Website.

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