Judith Grant McIntyre

Profile Updated: April 25, 2016
Class Year: 1966
Residing In: Chicago,, IL USA
Occupation: Retired
Spouse/Partner: Richard Berk/ Partner
Children: Tracy, born 1970; Christine, born 1972; Melissa, born 1978; Margaret, born 1980
Yes! Attending Reunion
Which class?


What States have you've lived in other than IL?


Other Occupation/s:


Where do you work now?

Volunteer work

Where have you worked and/or retired from?

City of Chicago: Chicago Christian Industrial League

Have you ever been Self-Employed?


If Yes. What is/was the name of your company? What is/was your title? Where is/was it located? Nature of Business.

Grant Associates. Owner. Was a service business working with attorneys located on LaSalle Street in downtown Chicago for seven years.

Marriage Date

November 1968

Did you marry your High School Sweetheart?


If Yes, to Whom, what High School & Graduation year?

John McIntyre June 1966

Have you been married more than once?


Grand Children:

Vincenzo, Christopher, Irelynne, Mia, and Kyla
Ages from 5 to 9 years. We are so blessed with these wonderful children! My retirement is full of travel, spending time with my grandchildren and winters in Arizona.

Your High School Story:

Our class was the first class to attend Hay Branch on Laramie for our freshman year. We occupied the top floor of a grammar school, and there were four divisions with about 120 students. I believe this is why our class was so close as we were the cool kids at Hay as we were the high schoolers.

What were you in High School?

Other Difficult to define

Who did you have a crush on while in High School? And Why? Did you ever date him/her?

I probably had a crush a week until Sophomore year when I went steady with my crush Jeff Vetter until senior year when I dated John McIntyre, a younger boy. Always had a crush on a boy in my division but always stayed friends.

Who was your favorite teacher/s and why?

Mr. Cummings. He convinced me I should abandon my idea of going to work at the hardware store full time after graduation and attend Northwestern University. Thanks,

What teacher/s did you dislike and why?

I wish I could remember his name. Short beady eyed teacher that came to Austinmaybe in Junior Year. Reminded me of Dracula.

What committee/s where you on?

Athletic Committee was my favorite committee.

What is your favorite memory or memories of AHS?

Activity nights were great fun. Baseball and football games. The friends I made who are still in my life. My least favorite memory is the day of the riot in the lunch room that spilled over into the halls.

What Elementary School did you attend?


Your Elementary School Story:

Student Council was great. I had French lessons in 7th and 8th grade. We went to the children's symphony monthly in 8th grade. Gale Arden and I were going to give a speech to the parents attending Nobel's Open House but we somehow got in trouble with a substitute teacher who couldn't take a little joke, and we were banned. That was a horrible thing to happen to an eighth grader.

Did you go to College?


If Yes, Where and When?

Northwestern, Northeastern, DePaul and Harvard

Level of Education

Masters in Public Service

Did you go to a Technical School?


What have you been up to since you graduated from High School?

Raising my children and seeing them become strong women, good mothers and great daughters;obtaining my BS; working full time while attending graduate school;living in the same house for 36 years; active in my community; maintaining lifelong friendships with friends from Nobel and Austin

Have you ever been on TV?

Hosted a CAN (Cable Access Network) Chicago Local TV program 2005-2008. Appeared on some news programs while working at homeless agency in 2004-2008.

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Happy Birthday Mr. Corsiglia. Where did the years go? Hope the next year is a great one.

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Hi. Richard and I spend winters in Fountain Hills Az. Love the desert. Have a fun retirement

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G.arden@gmail,com for Gale

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