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Angela Kantzavelos (1953) (Gallios)
Robert Olson (Class Of 1954)    
Betty Trow (1971) (Sachtschale)
Jerry Veverka

Guest Members

Webmaster Darlene  
Paul Dembicky (1970)
Marshall Dermer
David Dombrow
Fred Fishman (1958)
Laura Gaspar (1971)    
Marilyn Jones (Leonard)
Jeff Levin  
Donald Meyer   
John Panusko (1971)  
Roberta Projansky (1959)    
Robert 'Bob' Rio (1953)    
Ronald 'Ron' Rio (1953)    
Betty Ruja (1959) (Berthusen)  
Denise Rule (1970)
Gary Salerno
Marcia Sanders  
Nels Swanson (1958)     

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