Alumnus Profiles (1968)

     In Memory: 9
     Contains "In Memory" entry: 8
     Military Service: 6
   Restricted to Alumni only


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Julia Allen (Speller)  
Carlene Amari (Roy)  
Nancy Collins (Higgins)    
Alexander Colquitt  
Patricia Coughlin (Welkomer)
Candace Cusack (Petty)
Brendan Doyle
Dan Engelstad
Chris Fischer (Quick)  
Jim Foley    
Frederick Gerleve   
Mary Hearns (Bodan)
Carlos Iwaszkowiec  
Julie Komperda (Zak)
Ronald Landeck    
Penelope Mitchell   
Angela Mitropoulos (Tagaris)  
Lee Moore     
Christine Morath (Moore)  
August Mosco   
Richard Munkvold    
Kathleen Murphey (Frye)  
Pete Nicholson  
Vivian Norcross (Morch)  
Kenneth Oomens  
Steve Pilafas
Linda Rabe (Karalis)
Marie Scafuri (Osuch)
Mike Sweers  
Barbara Terry (Moriello)    
Wayne Triplett  
Barbara Trow (Rio)  
Randi Utigard (Lazzaro)  
Brenda Vacca
Elizabeth Vargas  
Kathleen Vocalino (Vent)    
John Wallace   
Ronald Waters    
Anthony Zayas  

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